The world moves on and does not standstill. First, marijuana appeared, then Reggie was founded, and only began to smoke herbs afterward. But humanity did not stop on this and began to create new strains and even smoke them. And now it has come to choose your own strain:


How to choose your strain?

You can choose the strain in different weed criteria, but here are the most popular:


1. Choosing marijuana strain by your character
2. By event
3. Looking for unique strain for the particular time of day


If you want to smoke alone and relax, you should choose Indica. And if you are at home with your father and want to play an Xbox, you can prefer to smoke Sativa. Remember: each choice will be excellent.


You should take a good website search for marijuana. What are the criteria? Perhaps read a few helpful articles. To not be confused in hundreds of names, you can try to choose the excellent balance of Indica and Sativa in your strain.


If you are worried about paranoia, then when you are choosing marijuana, you should look for the one with significant CBD content.


If you have a date, you can better focus on something very relaxing, so as not to turn date in the film “Saving Private Ryan.” So, before dating, asks your second half what she prefers to smoke, be a weed-gentleman.


If you smoke with the company or during a party, your Majesty Queen is Sativa.


That will give your party more energy and fun. Although, if you have plans to think about a world economy, with one hour silence, you should smoke only an Indica.


In any of the cases, calculate the strength and strength of the smoking partner. It is better not to do a hard level from the first time but come to it with experience.


Choosing marijuana, take only proven sources. There is no need to believe the experience of a friend or relative; you can take information from official sources by yourself and read what exactly you will smoke. Remember: always the strongest is the most useful.

You can always try something exquisite, but it is necessary to come to this gradually to understand. Hundreds of new types and varieties are invented; you still have time to find your own.


Explore the diversity of strains on our website in the “Products” section.

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