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What is hash?

Hashish or hash has been used continuously for ages. It is the most ancient cannabis concentrate. In its composition you will find cannabis resin which is separated from the cannabis trichomes and made by pressing the powder obtained by grinding and drying the dried leaves and the oily, sticky layers from the flowering tops of the plant.

If you look at the dried cannabis flower through a microscope, you can see the kief. Kief is the layer of pollen that covers the hairs on the buds. Their crystals contain the most active substance.

This substance is collected and pressed into briquettes, which can be plastic or solid, powdery or dry.
The truly original and the oldest way of making hash is simply rolling the sticky cannabis resin off your hands after processing the plants.

It is not for nothing that the creation of hashish is attributed to smugglers: it is always easier to roll up a ball, buy cannabis online and hide-smuggle-pass it than to deal with a dry mixture.

Another advantage of hash is that it can not only be smoked, but also used in cooking ― thanks to its taste and aroma, as well as the fact that it contains about 40% of THC.

What is the difference between Hashish & Marijuana?

While you buying cannabis online you should not confuse hash and marijuana. Hashish obtained from the pressed herb of cannabis and in the form of cubes. It consists of a powdered plant mass, including various parts of the herb: seeds, stems, inflorescences and leaves. Usually, hashish differs from dried marijuana in a much stronger psychoactive effect. It is obtained due to the greater concentration of psychoactive substances in it.

Marijuana mainly differs from hash in that the first one is a representative of flora world, while the second one is a solid or plastic dry substance pressed into briquettes with delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol active ingredient.

Also, due to the technological differences, these products have fundamentally different characteristics: before choosing a product and buying weed online, you need to decide what condition you want to achieve, because they affect both the psyche and physiology in completely different ways.

Start from three main criteria: taste & aroma, impact, methods of use.

Taste & Aroma

What you get in terms of taste sensations depends on the concentration of cannabinoids and on many other factors: how the product was grown, where it was stored, how it is smoked. Each plant has a unique taste and aroma. If you prefer a sharp, rich and spicy aroma with a bright aftertaste, you should stop at hash.


It is logical that a higher content of psychedelic substances contributes to a longer effect. And here hashish is ahead of marijuana.

Methods of use

Everyone chooses their own path not only for taste and impact, but also for ease of consumption.

And although marijuana is a more versatile product, however with hash you are freer: it is convenient to store and transport it, without fear of getting in trouble with a well-recognized aroma.

Buy cheap hash online U.K.

In our store, you can buy weed online because it is one of the most popular products. Having tried hash once, many remain faithful forever.

We, as guides to the world of cannabis discovery, not only guarantee you safe consumption, but we are also ready to offer strains that have passed our rigorous testing.

Hashish has a sweet, incense-like smell. It has a brighter effect when consumed than marijuana.

You can find peace and joy, or even happiness. Experience completely new emotions while smoking hashish. Expand your sensory experiences, including sight, hearing, and taste.

Feel that time moves more slowly, increased sociability, reducing fears and behavioral inhibitions.

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Always enjoy responsibily.
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