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More about weed shake

Weed shake- is small pieces of cannabis flower that were once part of larger buds. Shake usually falls off buds when handling them or when they get jostled around in the packaging. Most often, people use shakes to make pre-rolled joints.

Shake or bud?

These products should not be compared; they are beautiful in their own right. Yes, the buds are more potent because this part contains more THC. Shake is a bit inferior in this regard. But the neck has its undoubted advantages, this product does not need to be ground, and it is very convenient to wrap it in a joint. Also, the shake is used for cannabis oils, which are then used to make edible oils. If you want to enhance the action of the shake, here’s a little trick for you – sprinkle kif on your joint, which is also available in our store.

In our store, we offer a shake as a mix of leaves and tiny buds; this significantly increases the poternest of the product.