Jackpot shake


24% THC




Jackpot is a Sativa-dominant hybrid weed strain. This strain was first grown in Spain and has a high level of THC. It results from a mind-blowing cross-breeding of the world-famous strain Jack Herer and Heavyweight Seeds’ famous auto-flowering strain 2 Fast 2 Vast.


These flowers often produce a pungent aroma of spices, musky earth, and a sweet overtone many describe as wine-like. The flavor is relatively smooth, making the palate an intoxicating and flavorful treat. Users have experienced fresh grape, rich vanilla, and a bit of damp earth in this strain’s flavor profile.


Jackpot is a potent hybrid with several alluring heady effects that satisfy creative types. Despite this strain’s Sativa dominance, many have described the high as full-bodied. Immediately after taking a hit of this flower, you should expect a rush of euphoria to fill your mind and lift your mood. With this comes a rush of creative energy and focus that will have you on-task and completing goals left and right. This makes the strain a helpful tool for creatives stuck in a funk or behind some writer’s block, as it can provide a driving sense of focus that allows you to break down those walls and get to creating.
Typical Effects: Creative, Uplifted, Energetic


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