It is possible that each of you has heard something about being baked.


Hard to understand? Let’s find out!


So, you and your friends bought some Solomon’s plant and went to your house (because your parents are either at work or have a normal attitude towards the zoot in the house). You smoke ones, your friend also, but here’s your new comrade says: “I want to get the second one because I’m real teahead.” Of course, you can’t deny your friend.


Suddenly, your friend stops smiling charmingly, quickly sits, and gets silenced. He sits and looks at one point. That means that he got baked. You shouldn’t worry, now you have one main task: to make him drink Cola. Coca-Cola is a universal tool for washing pots and controlling high. Your comrade needs to drink one bottle, having a snack of citrus, then lie down and sleep. Before putting him to bed, warn him that probably he may not die.


And now a brief instruction on how exactly you need to prepare for the use of green, so as not to be stoned.


  1. Taking a heavy hit, be prepared for a strong effect, because if you warn yourself in advance, it will be easier for you to survive being baked.
  2. Drink Cola, eat lard or citrus. Because lard helps the fighting spirit, and citrus helps the fighting body.


Jah bless, comrades!

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