Everyone in his life has had a situation when he takes a zoot for the first time.

You and your friends had hit a joint, you are high, your friend is stoned and

everything seems to be fine, but suddenly you take a look in the mirror and you see your natural beauty has completely changed! Your eyes have become red narrowed and you suddenly understood, that you are feeling really uncomfortable.


Don’t worry, it’s a normal situation. Here are 5 tips that will help you to get over it:


  1. 1. To soothe the eyes you can use eye drops because it is really easy and safe process, so, it might help you to feel yourself better when you are in the crowd.
  2. 2. You can wear black glasses: that will help you to feel very calm and comfortable; moreover, you will be really on fleek.
  3. 3. After smoking, you can quickly go to the fresh air, to help your eyes to “breathe”, you can go outside with your friends, or you can just read book on the balcony in both cases your eyes will feel more
  4. 4. Tell people that you are working night shifts as a taxi driver. All young people have to earn money. Therefore, it is not surprising that you came at five in the morning with red eyes.


  1. 5. Tell them that you raised money and watched the stripper all night.


You can do whatever you want, after all, you are already 40!

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