If you had ever been puzzled by the question of whether it is possible to smoke a weed during recovery after the illness, then you are probably not very familiar with the structure of the human body and the presence of organs, such as, for example, lungs.


Meanwhile, when you take a hit your lungs experience irritations that are not very appropriate when you are sick.


In general, it is a mistake to think that marijuana helps during illness. The only thing that is useful in marijuana during illness is good sleep and appetite, everything else is a myth. Smoking can lead to fatigue, headaches, and chills during the illness, which means that the pain will be even more exciting.


If, when you are healthy, you are a fan of the “take hit like a clockwork” system, then a little smoking during a mild illness may not hurt you, but if you are a person who usually gets high and goes to bed immediately – you should beware, you better not smoking, even during a simple cold.


Even if you use cannabis with the help of a vaporizer, in the absence of smoke, cannabis with its effect weakens the fight against the disease and thus takes away your health

So, dear Smoking-gas-lovers, the main point is that you decide whether or not to take a hit, depending on the method of consumption you use and the individual reaction of your growth organism.


It is better to learn to be responsible for your skunk operations. Also, think about health of your friends and family if you got an idea of participating in group smoking when you are recovering after the illness. Remember: The disease is a scoundrel that can hide somewhere in a bong or joint and attack your friend. And one mooore thing: While medical cannabis in some cases does treat illness, mostly, it could cause them too.

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