Many of you may have had this situation because almost everyone who heard about it got into it.


You woke up, went to the shower, had breakfast, and started looking for a smoke.


The search has been going on for an hour, and it is still nowhere to be found, because yesterday you were afraid of a rummage by the Intergalactic Police and, on the orders of your own paranoia, hide it in a direction unknown even to you.


There are many tips for such situations, but here are the top 3 tips you can take for free:


Tip 1: Record your voice message in the Telegram.

It’s very simple: you pick up the phone, turn on the messenger, and record a message to yourself: “* username *, you acting like an idiot. Stop it!”. Turn it on every time you’re going to lose something on its own.

* also helps when deciding to smoke before the interview or first date.


Tip 2: Smoke whole 420 at one time.

This advice has already helped hundreds of thousands of people get rid of the problem of hiding buds from themselves. But it is considered so effective that it has side effects.

Side effects: it is possible to cancel plans for a day, sometimes for 2 days, in some cases, there is a possibility of getting baked. Recommended only for people who have no more than 3 joints left


Tip 3: Ask your mom to remind you where the joint is.

You will probably agree, parents can be trusted. Mom has known you since childhood and remembers everything.


That’s it!

Jah Bless!

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