Everyone smoked marijuana at least once in their life and expected a “special effect.” When people are waiting for the “special effect,” it means completely different things: someone is waiting for the feeling of a laugh, someone is waiting to become “stoned,” but all people have one thing in common: they never know exactly what awaits them. The smoker’s newcomers often even experience illusions about the effect of marijuana and even sometimes ascribe non-existent effects to it. At the same time, marijuana and its effect can be predicted, and you even choose what you like best.
The effect of marijuana can be tonic or sedative. The sedative effect is more inherent in Indica, while Sativa will give you energy.
What about Indica?
When you take an indica, it is essential to know that you can smoke just a little bit to achieve a minimal effect. In this case, you can spend an ordinary vacation and save your nerves and your friends.
The indica effect invites you to be quiet and think. Many choose it to have a rest “in thoughts.” Smokers frequently use indica to relieve stress. It is indica, the very “stoned” effect that everyone knows about.
Side effects of Indica:
1. Laziness and demotivation
Indica body high can cause a lack of motivation and coordination, so suddenly you can feel lazy and sleepy; because of this, you should be careful when smoking before working on responsible activities that require much concentration.
2. Lack of coordination
While smoking an indica, you may find yourself becoming more clumsy or having difficulty performing everyday tasks. Therefore, never use indica if you are in a situation where you could injure yourself or others.
3. Beetles
It confuses your nervous system and makes you think you are hungry, even if you just had a hearty dinner. Cannabis affects the area of the brain associated with smell and taste. So the food becomes even tastier, and once you start eating, it won’t be easy to stop!
Sativa is an opponent of Indica, and it also has its pros and cons:
Sativa has higher levels of THC than Indica. People generally prefer this high during the daytime. Sativa does not cause drowsiness and gives a creative high.
The real dangers of Sativa strains are as follows:
• paranoia.
• increasing a heart rate.
• lowering of blood pressure.
You should know that if Sativa is a tonic, it is only in small amounts. If you smoke too much, you will have to go to bed from an overabundance of marijuana.
So the rules for using Sativa strains are the same as for drinking energy drinks: do it with patience and never rush.
Let’s look at a Sativa/Indica mix – a hybrid.
Hybrid strains are a cross between Indica and Sativa strains. They provide the best of bots and offer the benefits of both Indica and Sativa. This is why hybrid strains are so popular, combining the best of both strains.
Some people find hybrids more potent than Indica or Sativa strains, while others find them less effective. It depends on the person and their tastes.
What is cannabis tolerance?
Cannabis tolerance can make all effects usual and uninteresting. Cannabis tolerance is genuinely unique; your characteristics can influence it.
How long does it take for cannabis tolerance to get up and recover?
If you use cannabis daily, your tolerance will be restored less and less efficiently. The human body is quite flexible, so people can change their tolerance as much as they need. Real addicts often note that after a while, weed becomes almost ineffective.
How can I influence my marijuana tolerance?
You may have heard that smokers use the term “weed break” to refer to a period of abstinence to “restart” their tolerance. If you are a heavy smoker, it may take up to 1 month for normal sensitivity to return.
Tolerance breaks are when you give your body a break from marijuana to reset your cannabis receptors. Learn when to take a break and read your medical card or doctor’s advice on tolerance breaks to effectively put together your weed program for use.
Summing up, I would like to add that the effects of marijuana are very different. Still, the most important thing is a comfortable state and safety, so in search of exciting effects, try to balance enjoying the form; Anna worries about how to get out of it. Carefully familiarize yourself with the type that you want to use, and then use it.

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