Today, since childhood, everyone knows that tobacco is, although imperfect, every day. Tobacco is legal almost everywhere, and the history of smoking is taught even in school. At the same time, marijuana is unusual, unknown, and frightening.
The main reason for promoting tobacco is that the tobacco business is very profitable. Beginning roughly in the second half of the 20th century, marijuana was discriminated against, and tobacco was extolled. Today we see the result of these actions.
In the movies, the characters smoke a cigarette; the pirates smoke a tobacco pipes. People with cigarettes are presented as “serious people,” the cigarette becomes a ritual, even for those who are not tobacco fans.
Which of these is more harmful?
Addiction and harm from marijuana and tobacco:
The first thing to deal with is whether weed and cigarettes are addictive at the same level or if their effects differ in this regard. Let’s find out. Tobacco, like most psychoactive substances, can cause not only moral but also physical dependence. As a result – breakdown, lousy mood, psychosis, disability, and other consequences of smoking cessation. In the case of weed – there is no pronounced physical dependence, but with regular use, there are noticeable mood swings and the desire to smoke again.
Statistics estimate that tobacco kills up to 7 million people a year. A single death in the history of rasta culture did not appear from the grass.
Diseases. Tobacco smoke contains N-nitrosamines, which cause many irreversible changes in the lungs. Cannabis does not contain N-nitrosamines and therefore has a more negligible effect on the respiratory tract and organs.
Effects on cancer cells. Nicotine and carcinogens are the main causative agents of cancer cells. Substances contained in first-grade marijuana, on the other hand, can kill up to 50% of cancers, as evidenced by actual research.
Addiction. There are no components that cause real addiction in the grass. Unlike nicotine, withdrawal from THC can maximally lead to the desire to try these emotions again, but not to break, psychosis, and other consequences.
What are the conclusions?
The popularity of tobacco is due to its importance for business and the economy. Also, tobacco has been advertised for a long time, while marijuana is often subject to anti-advertising. Both marijuana and tobacco can be harmful and mentally addictive. However, the consequences of using cannabis are much lower. In addition, there is no proven example of death from the use of herbs in the world. On the contrary, hundreds of thousands and millions die each year from tobacco smoking. It would help if you decided for yourself, relying only on knowledge and your mind, and not on advertising and business.

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