Pros and Cons of choosing Amnesia

Amnesia is a sativa-dominant hybrid that long ago achieved the status of a legend and was even included in the list of best strains of all time according to the version of the famous weed-magazine High Times. High yields, euphoric effect and pleasant taste ensured the strain victory and success in various marijuana competitions. Amnesia is a marijuana variety also known as the unforgettable queen of Amsterdam coffee shops.


Amnesia got its own history of creation
American grower David Watson, also known as Sam Skunkman, created Amnesia in the early 90s. To create a new weed, he crossed Thai, Jamaican, Hawaiian and Afghan strains. However, life adventures (and the police) forced Watson to leave the shores of his native America and move to the Netherlands. According to legend, he brought a box with several thousand seeds to Amsterdam. Among which was the first Skunk and Auto Amnesia itself. Later, the variety began to enjoy unreal popularity among regulars of local coffee shops and gained its first popularity.
Doc said: “Amnesia really turned out to be an outstanding variety to grow. Just nine weeks after flowering, the plants were covered in super fat and extremely resinous cones that sit on the branches like a throne. The aroma really pleases me, because they smell amazingly smoky.”

Amnesia reviews: effect

For Amnesia, the typical effects of sativa-dominant strains of cannabis. With a high THC content, it produces an almost instant euphoria combined with fast-acting brain stimulation. The grade affects motivation, purposefulness, productivity and readiness to perform a wide variety of tasks. Medical patients also turn to Amnesia as a remedy for:

• from migraine;
• for quick stress relief;
• treatment of depression;
• combating chronic fatigue;

Despite the high level of euphoria, the Amnesia variety still boasts its indicative line, which gives a wonderful feeling of muscle relaxation. This is an excellent option for sports.
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Amnesia haze characteristics

Original Amnesia buds are usually elongated and slightly thin, typical of sativas, and boast a light green color with deep orange hues due to the generous spread of pistils. Most importantly, they are generously covered with a thick layer of trichomes, which are a testament to the potency of the cannabis strain.

Taste and aroma

Amnesia Haze flowers produce a wide variety of hemp terpenes, the aromatic molecules that give cannabis its various aromas and smells. After opening the box of Amnesia Haze, the room is covered with an aromatic wave of fruits, flowers, earth and spicy citrus. Some users also report notes of cedar, incense, and even spices in the taste of Amnesia. In addition to the terpene giving the smoke a great flavor, the terpene profile makes this strain an ideal candidate for baking edibles.

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To sum-up I would like to say that amnesia is a well-deserved bestseller in the cannabis world. There is just a huge amount of resin on the cones. There is a very strong variation in smell, depending on the growing conditions, in fact, it can smell of almost anything, but it is pleasant. Amnesia is highly respected by commercial growers for its high yield, making it easy to buy.
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