Marijuana is not a new product for the British economy.
It is no secret that cannabis has been actively used in medicine since the 18th century.
What can I say? Even Queen Victoria herself used marijuana as an analgesic.
The ban on consumption hasn’t stopped the real weed fan in the UK, and they are finding new ways to buy cannabis flowers. (You’re welcome.)

Let’s look at the most popular weed strains with fans all over Britain.

Wedding cake

This legendary strain is prevalent almost everywhere. Its relaxing effect is decisive for both the body and the brain, thanks to its high THC levels (27%). The perfect combination of sweet and spicy makes it the favorite taste of all Brits.

Lemon Haze

This strain is a ticking time bomb. Get high slowly but strongly. On this site, one of the lowest prices for this strain in the UK probably adds its popularity.


One of the most influential and fierce strains. (is around 28% THC). That is why it has gained such popularity. The perfect combination of Sativa and Indica in a 50 to 50 helps achieve the desired effect.


This variety has a sharp aroma, which can turn off beginners. But this is what real Jah-warrior love him for because such a smell guarantees a great high. The effect of this weed strain is used for medical purposes because it stimulates brain activity.

Purple Dawg

This strain is ideal for beginners: light and mild taste and pleasant effects on the body. It perfectly awakens the appetite and helps to fall asleep.

From the above, we can conclude that the British like really wild stuff. Such as to bliss out like one last time, both the brain and the body — our respect.

What about your preferences? Which weed strain was a discovery for you?

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