Very mysterious word. Every time you hear it, you could think that someone next to you suddenly sneezed.
If you ask your friend – he will say that this is precisely what he usually collects from the grinder in secret from his friend.
If you ask your younger brother, he will say that it is a rap performer and gives a wish, do not ever hear such silly questions.


SO, What is KIEF?

KIEF is dust or trichome with a high content of THC that are on the plants of marijuana.
It is a kind of level-up for all marijuana users in the UK and all over the world. That means that you are ready for the long road through marijuana cuisine.


Who came up with KIEF?

The idea of kief was invented by ancient Arabs who said, Kaif. The world owned this word from Arabs because people who founded mathematics and hookah cannot be mistaken.
Where is kief used?
KIEF is used in medicine, cooking, and experiments with cannabis.
People who are professional growers are usually working with a large amount of marijuana, so got an outstanding possibility to sell it for medical centers or to make THC cuisine out of it.


How to get it?

There are many potential mining methods:
1. The drum (tumbler) method – the technique is complex according to its technical execution and requires the availability of special equipment and a large amount of marijuana.
Execution: Marijuana falls into the tumbler, and for some time, it is processed there with the help of the drum, and the whole KIEF falls from the cones in a particular place.
2. Dry ice method – a more common method for a simple smoker. You can take dry ice and mix it with marijuana flowers in one bag. Kief will stick to dry ice. Then, you can pour it out, dry ice melts, and see just kief.
3. Grinder method – the most popular method ever. You should have your grinder collect


How can you use KIEF?

◾️ smoke kief, adding to the joint, or with the help of a smoking device – pipe, bong, vape;
◾️ add it to the food;
◾️ use as a base for hash.



KIEF this is a level-up for those who love marijuana. If you are sure that you are into it, you must count all the risks connected with the fact that Kief is much more potent than just marijuana. Taking care of your smoke, you consistently manage your mental health. So stay high and take care of yourself.

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