Blueberry Lambsbread Strain


19% THC




Blueberry Lambsbread is a balanced hybrid strain of cannabis, with an average THC concentration of 15%.

Blueberry Lambsbread nugs are often airy and light. Expect them to be shaped like large popcorn, and take on a variety of green hues. In addition, brick-colored hairs cover this bud in a web of amber.


These flowers smell like sweet and spicy blueberries mixed with pungent musty earth out of the packaging. The flavor of the smoke created when burning Blueberry Lambsbread is like tangy fruit with a hint of earthy vanilla in the exhale.


Because it is a balanced hybrid strain, users should expect both ends of the Indica-Sativa spectrum when smoking on it. This flower can affect you differently from your buddies, as it shares pungent Indica and Sativa properties. The high begins heady, with a rush of creative cerebral energy likely to make you boot up your PS4 or open up Photoshop. What you do with your newfound creative inspiration is entirely up to you. And that’s what people enjoy most about this strain.

The freedom to do what you want after smoking it because none of its effects are too over the top. As your mood is elevated and all negative feelings of anxiety and depression fade away, expect your muscles to become a bit sluggish as your body is relaxed. An exciting body buzz will quickly alleviate all muscle tension and soothe your aches and pains. Without proper care, some smokers may find themselves snacking uncontrollably after hitting on Blueberry Lambsbread. This strain has been reported to work wonders for individuals suffering from chronic stress, pain, and GI issues.


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