Cannabis Chocolate

350 mg



Cannabis with chocolate is one of the perfect combinations and one of the most popular edibles in the industry. Our THC chocolate is a mix of high-quality chocolate and pure cannabis concentrates. Whole chocolate consists of 6 pieces, THC content of approximately 350mg (58mg per piece).
This is the easiest way to use cannabis without disturbing others. There is no smell, smoke, or bitter taste in the mouth.

How do Cannabis Chocolates Work?

As any experienced stoner knows, edibles do NOT work like smoking, vaping, or most other forms of cannabis consumption. Edibles can have much stronger effects and much longer-lasting than you’d get with smoking. Instead of entering the lungs, edibles take their unique route to your bloodstream.  When you consume cannabis chocolates or any other cannabis edible, it must first be digested before your body can begin to process the THC and other cannabinoids. Specifically, it needs to reach your small intestine and liver. Once the edible reaches your liver, something interesting happens. Enzymes in your liver will convert the THC into a different, much more potent form.

This is why the effects of edibles tend to have different effects than smoking or vaping. It can take your body over an hour to complete this entire process, so it can take so long for the effects of your cannabis chocolate to kick in fully.  Once the THC and other compounds finally reach your brain will act upon your body’s endocannabinoid system. This interaction is what produces the classic sensations of a cannabis high. Depending on potency, edible effects can last 4 to 6 hours following ingestion. 


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